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Role: Dawn
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HAWAII FIVE-0 (2010 - )
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11 dec 2012| claire van der boom onlines 2nd birthday!

posted by bee · category site updates · 1 comment

Today we celebrate Claire van der Boom Onlines second birthday!

Yes, for 2 years we have been online and what fun it has been! Ive loved every second of running this site and bringing you all the latest on Claires incredible career. I would like to thank each and every one of you for not only visiting the site but for also offering much support and encouragement.

But most of all I would like to thank Claire for being the truly beautiful and talented person that she is. Its an absolute pleasure to follow the career of such a wonderful actress. In every moment of film that shes in Claire lights up the screen! I cannot wait to see what comes next, its all very exciting!

Heres to another fun filled year and of course, wishing Claire all the success in the world for 2013!

hawaii five-0: season 1 dvd extras

Claire doesnt appear much in the DVD extras of Hawaii Five-0s season 1, but I thought I would upload them anyway so everyone could see which extras she does appear in even if they are just scenes from the show! Her character is spoken about in other extras on the DVD though.

Speaking of Claires character, theres still no news yet as to if Claire will return to Hawaii Five-0. There are plenty of rumours flying around as to what might happen to Rachel, but as of this moment nothing has been confirmed either way. If there are any announcements made about Claire and Hawaii Five-0, I will post them here ASAP.

claire puts the accent on variety

SBS have posted a very interesting article where Claire discusses a number of her projects. One of those projects she discusses is Singularity, in which she was meant to play a character by the name of Alie. However, Claire dropped out of the project and since then the films production company went into liquidation and as a result the film was never completed.

More information has also been revealed about Claires character in The 34th Battalion, Simone. Simone isa French woman who meets four young Aussies from Maitland in rural NSW who joined the Army after the disastrous Gallipoli campaign.