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26 may 2013| Claire

posted by bee · category · 1 comment

The square: spirit awards red carpet interview (2010)

We dont often see red carpet interviews with Claire, so thank you to ShowbizJunkies for uploading this. Its an interview with Joel and Nash Edgerton and Claire from the red carpet at the 2010 Spirit Awards. It is mainly Joel speaking, but they all talk about the film, The Square.
Ive also added a few screencaps to the gallery.

record: sydney film festival news trailer

If you live in Sydney and would like to see Record the short film starring Claire and directed by Aussie actor David Lyons, then youre in luck! The film will be showing at this years Sydney Film Festival! The dates and venue Record will be showing at are:

Saturday, 15th June 4pm at Event Cinemas: George Street 4
Sunday, 16th June 11am at Event Cinemas: George Street 8

For more details and tickets, check out Records page at the Sydney Film Festival.

Meanwhile, a trailer for the film has also been released! Ive put the very few screencaps of Claire in the gallery.

commonwealth bank commercial: behind the scenes

The Commonwealth Bank have a short little behind the scenes look at the commercial that Claire filmed for them a couple of years ago. Its nice to see some shots of Claire from the set of the ad! Ive added the screencaps to the gallery as well.

brand new video archive!

Ive opened up a brand new video archive for Claire van der Boom Online, which replaces the old zip file download one that we had (which was very tiny anyway). With this one you can watch streaming videos on the site itself, no waiting for downloads! Its like our own little Youtube page which will aim to showcase Claire’s career. You can watch, comment, rate and share videos on social media sites!

Ive added a few clips from some of Claires past roles plus a few trailers, features, etc. I will be adding lots more in the future, but for now theres a small selection of videos that you can enjoy right away.

The videos are in flash format, so if you are wanting to watch from an iphone or an ipad, you will need to download a special flash enabled browser. There are a few to choose from in the app store if you don’t have one already.

Hope you all like the new video archive and find it a little easier than the previous one. If you notice any errors, please let me know and I will fix them ASAP.